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Plasma lift

beierplasm pen k85

Plasma Lifting Soft Peel is used to tighten loose skin and activate the Fibroblast Cells in the dermis; causing these cells to create high levels of Collagen and Elasin that creates an instant and long term tightening (anti-aging effect) It is completely natural that requires no injections, no chemicals.
The Plasma Lift facelift is a non-surgical treatment usually used for acne. Find the answer to the frequently asked questions about this treatment.
A new revolutionary treatment for the skin that will change the way we approach anti-aging!

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    PLASMA POWER These particles deliver different benefits as they travel deeper into the skin, without causing superficial trauma. Plasma Lift delivers precise, controlled pulses of energy to the targeted area, regenerating skin cells to tackle the effects of time.
    Plasma lift, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. 36 likes · 1 talking about this. FIBROBLAST Skin Tightening, NON SURGICAL LIFT.
    Plasma Lift® is a new revolutionary non-surgical lift treatment that is a highly effective, remarkable alternative to surgery. … Plasma Lift® offers a real and effective alternative to suitable, selected patients who would like to avoid costly and risky surgical cosmetic procedures

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